Franklin House

Week of April 28th

English Language Arts

Miss Warnke: We will be Reading about the Titanic in StoryTown. We will also continue working with identifying literary devices in text and in our writing.

Mrs. Allen: We are continuing our journey through “Tuck Everlasting.” Students are working on figurative language, vocabulary, and understanding theme. This week students are responsible for 30 min of Moby Max Grammar

Ms. Naze: Students are revising their argumentative writing pieces. Students are applying reading strategies to their TeenBiz lessons.


Math 4: We will review operations with integers then start working from the 7th grade book, CPM, using all operations for fractions, decimals, and integers.

Math 7, 8: We will continue working in unit 7 working with ratios and proportions. We will work with fraction, decimal, percent conversions. And we will be working with metric and standard conversions.


We are learning more about electricity and how it works. Student will also learn to build series and parallel circuits.

Social Studies

Students are learning how The Cold War came to an end and finishing their project.


Students will be MAP testing next Wed. and Thurs. the 7th and 8th.