Second Grade SUPER News

January 8, 2016

Highlights from Second Grade

We are getting back into the swing of things this week. Mrs. Sayre was in twice to help us learn how to use Google Docs and its Research tool. Our Super Magazine had an article this week titled 'What's Faster?' Rather than simply reading the article comparing two animals or objects, we decided to research the information for ourselves. This gave us the opportunity to introduce students to Google Docs and how to conduct research while having fun learning with a partner.


This week's focus in Superkids was silent letters in the patterns of igh, stle, and scle. We talked about irregular past tense verbs, the prefix re-, and we had a play in our Reader where we were all able to have parts. We also did a class building activity where each student had a Superkid's name on their back and had to guess who they were by asking each other yes/no questions.

The last day of second quarter is Friday, January 22nd. The students need to have their AR goals in by lunchtime that day in order to come to our classroom AR celebration. Please encourage your child to read each night and be ready for an AR quiz each morning. Thank you!

In Writing we have started our third unit - Writing about Reading. This week we started opinion letters about a favorite book that we are reading. We are encouraging students to write about a character and why they like that character. We will share our letters in hopes of finding new and interesting books to read.


We began our next unit in math - Multi digit Addition and Subtraction. The unit focuses on 2-digit numbers with 1-digit numbers, along with 2-digit numbers with 2-digit numbers. Students who know their math facts are finding these problems easy. Children who haven't memorized their facts are struggling. That's why nightly practice of addition and subtraction facts to sums/differences of 20 is important.

AR Winners

We are quickly approaching the end of the second quarter. There are just 2 weeks left until we celebrate with those students who have made 100% or more of their AR goal. This week's awardees are pictured below. The quarter ends on January 22nd - GO READERS!
Big image

Star Student

Landon C. was our Star Student this week. Landon considers himself a master at video games. When he grows up he wants to be a professional football player. An interesting fact about Landon is that he can swim underwater for 15 seconds.

Our next Star Student is...Kira!

Miscellaneous Items:

  • You may have noticed that some of your student's papers are coming home stamped Extending, Meeting, Developing, and Beginning. The district purchased these stamps as a way to align our daily work with the report card terminology. The grades reflect the following percentages:

Extending 95-100%, Meeting 80-94%, Developing 65-79%, and Beginning 0-64%.

  • The forms for the After School program are in the Friday folder. This session is Study Hall for 1st and 2nd grade. The pink slips are for Study Hall and should be brought in the day your child stays. Students can read and take AR quizzes during Study Hall.

Accessing Tumble Books

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