LaCocoDots Kudos

September 2012 Review and Kudos!!

Top in Sales

Congrats to all of you who had some amazing trunk shows in September!! Lots of new stylists on the leader board which is really exciting!!
Name / PCV

Susan Carruth 3283.16

Alissa Graves 3034.04

Pamela Davies 3019.22

Roxanne Harrell 2509.06

Brooke Nix 2408.84

Lindsey Hermida 2356.24

Anna Brock 2259.54

Carolyn Barnes 2227.57

Amanda Hlubek 1333.54

Kelly Jo Bluestone 1016.08

Amy Lodge 968.63

Beth Okun 916.05

Welcome to Stella & Dot!!

We welcomed lots of new stylists to S&D and the LaCocoDots in September!! Congrats to all of you for making such a stylish choice- we're so happy to have you join us!!

Lindsey Erwin, sponsored by Alissa Turnbull

Lindsey Green, sponsored by Alissa Turnbull

Denise Roaman, sponsored by Julie Foster

Jenna Davis, sponsored by Lindsey Hermida

India Cox, sponsored by Amanda Shaw

Mirielle Reyes, sponsored by Anna Brock

Amber Diver, sponsored by Carolyn Barnes

Jessica Chase, sponsored by Carolyn Barnes

Whitney DeLong, sponsored by Carolyn Barnes

New Stylist Training Calls for October

October 8th- 8:30 p.m. EST

Who wants an ipad?? The iHappy contest is not a drawing!! If you meet the goals, YOU GET AN iPAD. Can you believe it? Is your head spinning trying to figure out where to start? Join us for this important training call that will help both new stylists and seasoned to make a plan that will work!

October 22- 8:30 p.m. Topic- STYLSITS' CHOICE

Submit the topic you would most like to hear about. If we select your topic, you will win a prize!! Submit topics to by October 7th.

Call-in details will be e-mailed out the day before each call. Reminders will be posted on our team FB page!!