September 28 - October 2

You are invited to wear PINK the entire week, from Monday, Sept. 28-Friday, Oct. 2nd in support of PLAY FOR A CURE week.

Awwww....PINK OUT!

Want to wear jeans every day next week with your PINK? Just donate $5.00 (cash only [please) to the Susan B. Komen Foundation. We will give your donations to the Keller High School Cheer Team.

Dates to Remember

9/28 - Guided Reading with Claudia Brancato

  • Kindergarten 8:00 - 11:00
9/30 - Spring Creek BBQ Family Spirit Night (don't forget to sign up in the lounge)

10/2 - Early Release Day/Parent Conferences/Team planning

10/5 - PTA Tailgate Party 5:30/Homecoming Parade 6:30

10/6 - School Pictures

10/6 - Grade Level Planning Meeting during conference times - K-4 & Co-Curr

10/7 - Big Kahuna Orders Due

10/9 - Cowboy Character Assembly

  • 2nd, 3rd, & 4th grade 8:15 - 9:00
  • Kinder & 1st grade 9:15 - 10:00

10/12 - District PD/Student Holiday

10/13 & 10/16 - The PD room will be used by District personnel for meetings

10/19 - 10/23 - FULL Day Grade Level Planning (see below for more details)

Campus News

Most Awesome Teacher/Staff Parking Raffle

Every week, I will draw a name and the lucky winner gets their VERY own parking spot for a week. You will be able to park in the spot closest to the front of the school.

This week’s lucky winner is JENNI HILL!!!!!!! WhoHoo!!! Congratulations, JENNI!

Taking attendance just got better! WE ARE STILL WAITING for 100%!

The first time we have a 100% completion rate of taking attendance and Caroline doesn't have to call anyone to remind them, everyone will get a JEANS PASS!!!! You'll get a text from me when that happens.

Big Kahuna Fundraiser

On Wednesday, Sept. 23rd, students in 1st - 4th grade attended our fundraiser kick-off assembly. All students (K-4) should have brought home a packet that includes a Home for the Holiday booklet, the Galaxy of Prizes brochure and Daily Drawings coupons.
  • Money raised will go towards providing classroom supplies for students/teachers, updating outdated technology & supporting efforts to celebrate our Global community (assemblies, school events, etc)

Claudia Brancato Visit

There has been a change in schedule for when Claudia is going to come back to visit our campus. She was originally scheduled to come back right after Thanksgiving break. We quickly realized that this would not be the best time to return. So her next available date wasn't until January. She will return to KHES on January 12 to walk though some classrooms to see how you are doing. If at that time you have questions or want more time with her, She will make herself available on her third visit which is scheduled for January 13.

Reading A-Z Data

I have emailed the 2105-2016 Reading Level template for you to use to record your students’ reading levels. It has been tweaked a little bit. When you save it to your computer, please include your name. For example, “Eriksen Reading Levels 2015-2016” Once you have completed your assessment, please be sure and email the information to Jane and I. At the end of the year, I will put together a grade level sheet showing all student’s grade level and then will pass it along to next year’s teachers.

I am in the process of adding new Google form for you and your grade level to complete together once everyone has finished. The form is asking you to share the % of students who are on a particular reading level. This data will be used in our Campus Improvement Plan (CIP).

Common Writing Assessments

I was able to put together two common assessment planning templates with common writing prompts & editing/revising assessments to get us started. If you and your grade level have questions about the assessment listed, please let me know. I wanted to give you all a starting point mainly because I didn’t know where everyone was with the planning of common assessments in Writing. Please look in your Lesson Plan folder on Google Drive to review what has been put in place.

Science Curriculum Preview Day

On October 7th, K-2 teachers are invited to a science curriculum preview day. The session will be from 8:00 – 11:00.

This will be a make and take session focusing on science for the 2nd – 4th 6 weeks. There will be another curriculum preview in February focusing on the 5th and 6th 6 weeks.

Each campus has been invited to send:

  • 1 Kindergarten teacher
  • 1 First grade teacher
  • 1 Second grade teacher

The campus representatives will be asked to bring the materials/activities back to their campus to share in the future plans.

You can register in Eduphoria:

If you have any questions, please contact Scott Stepter

Scheduling T-TESS by October 9th & January 29th

Please begin scheduling your T-TESS observations between September 29th - December 11th. When you schedule your observation, we will also need to schedule a pre-conference (minimum of 15 minutes) and your post-conference (allow 30-45 minutes).

You can schedule your conferences with your T-TESS evaluator or feel free to visit with Jenni. All 1st semester observations, pre/post conferences dates should be chosen by you & shared with us so that we can put it on our calendars by October 9th.

Our T-TESS observations for 2nd semester can be scheuled between January 4th and May 6th. This is a new EXTENSION to our observation time line. All summative conferences must be completed by May 16th per AR DNA(R2).

All 2nd semester observations, pre/post conferences dates should be chosen by you & shared with us so that we can put it on our calendars by January 29th.

KHS Homecoming ~ WE NEED YOU!

The Homecoming Parade will take place on Monday, October 5 at 6:30 PM. The theme this year is: HOLLYWOOD! Any and all things that have to do with favorite fictional books and stories will be highlighted. We anticipate incredible floats and other entries as always!

I am seeking as MANY volunteers as possible to be a part of this fun event. Our PTA has done a great job every year building an amazing float. I have enjoyed being on that float each year however Jeanna and I are hoping to increase the number of staff & students representing KHES. This is OUR campus and I'm hoping we can all share this pride together. We have a plan in place for inviting students (and their parents) to walk behind the float again but we WANT & NEED you too!

Please consider joining me on the float this year or if walking is your thing, you can do that instead. AND if you are interested in helping build our float, let me or Jeanna know.


  • "2nd grade team, thank you for being the kid of teammates who support me professionally & personally. I appreciate everything you each bring to our fabulous 2nd grade team. Thanks for always putting kids first."
  • "Jenna, thank you for getting gritty and lending your powerful presence to correct my calendar issue on TAC. You are fabulous!"
  • "Kirsten, a big thank you to our very own Rembrandt for using her planning time to paint the departure spots for the car pick up langes. Dismissal will be much smoother thanks to Miss Laurie."
  • "Tamara, thank you for thinking about 1st grade and the Oz performance. We are so excited to have the opportunity to go!"
  • "1st grade team, thanks for your continuous support during my grade level move. Working with you was a wonderful experience and I hope to do it again someday! You are all exceptional teachers!"
  • "Mr. Smith not only cares for the students of Keller-Harvel, he recommended a book to help my daughter with a problem she was having! Thank you for your dedication to all children."

District News & Events

Casey's Kids Fun Run- November 14

The fun run has been moved AGAIN from November 7th to November 14th! More information will be shared as I receive it.

October 2 is an Early Release Day

October 2 is an early release day. All students will be released at noon. You will have the rest of the day to plan with your team OR begin your parent conferences. All parent conferences for the 1st six weeks must be documented in AWARE and must be completed by the next early release day on November 6th.

All teachers are expected to have completed parent conference forms in AWARE no later than November 6th. As a reminder, when putting in your information, please be precise on the child’s progress or lack thereof. Statements like, “he’s doing well” is too general of a statement however “He’s on a reading level of D and has shown growth already when working in small group intervention on the follow skills: Word Study on Diagraphs.” It is important that we are providing this type of feedback to our parents and to have on hand for future use.

October 12 PD Day

October 12th is a district wide Literacy PD day. The District is offering a great selection of courses, HOWEVER they will fill up quickly. The earlier you register in Eduphoria the more choices you have.

Please note that October 12th is a FULL day PD; some sessions are a full day, some half.

You can register for 1 full day course OR 2 half day courses. Let us know if you need help. Jane & Kristen

KISD Education Foundation Teacher Grants

Keller Education Foundation's Teacher Grants program is back, and the application period is right around the corner!

The Education Foundation will begin accepting grants on Thursday, October 1, with the application period closing on Friday, October 30.

For those teachers who have never written a grant proposal, or for those who want to hone their skills or learn more about the grant process, the Keller ISD Education Foundation will hold a series of Grant Workshops:

  • Wednesday, September 30
  • Monday, October 5
  • Wednesday, October 7

Each workshop will be held at 4:30 p.m. in the KISD Education Center Board Room (Rock Gym).

For more information, contact the Education Foundation at or 817-744-1050, and look for more information about how to apply for grants when the application window opens on October 1.

Campus Expectations

Big image

Guided Reading expectations

Our goal is to help our students become EXPERT READERS. To become experts, students must learn from the best...YOU! The expectations moving forward will be that all Reading classrooms will follow or continue to follow the Reader's Workshop model , tools from the Comprehension Toolkit, lessons/ideas from The Next Steps to Guided Reading, resources from the Jan Richardson website, The Reading Strategies workbook given to each grade level, and any shared tools/strategies from Claudia or Kelly.

For those teachers who have not traditionally had a Reader's Workshop model in their classrooms, you will be expected to visit with Kelly Leach as often as possible. It is up to you to schedule that time with her. She will do as many model lessons as you need or provide whatever resources, tools, strategies, ideas, etc. to you.

Most importantly, do not be afraid to fail, take a risk, and/or try something new!

Additional Planning Time for K-4 Teachers

October 19th & February 5th – Kinder Grade Level planning

October 20th & February 8th – 1st grade, Grade Level planning

October 21st & February 4th – 2nd grade, Grade Level planning

October 22nd & February 11th – 3rd grade, Grade Level planning

October 23rd & February 10th – 4th grade, Grade Level planning

The purpose is to provide time for TEKS Deconstruction for major Readiness TEKS included in the unit and to identify the common assessments to be developed and used by all team members. All teachers will still need to cover their afternoon duties to ensure that our processes remain in place.

PTA News

Jeanna Neeley - President

Katrina Own - 1st VP/Membership

Kerri Tolar - 2nd VP/Budget & Finance

Kelli Strzinek - Treasurer

Alyssa O'Rear - Secretary