SAS 5th Grade News Sept 26

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The Catholic Christian Community of St. Anthony of Padua welcomes all to our celebration of God's love. Through prayer, education, sacraments, caring and stewardship, we strive to serve the needs of God's people and to gain a richer understanding of the gospel message of love.

In the Classroom This Week:


This week in Chapter 3 we are discussing how Baptism gives us a share in God's life and makes us members if the Church.

Language Arts

Students will take Unit 3 Vocabulary Test on Friday.

In Writing and Grammar, students will get to take a break from the Writing and Grammar workbook and write a story. Students will focus on their “creative” writing skills as they write a story about which superpower they would like to have and what they would do with it. This will be a fun activity designed to practice all of the grammar conventions we have learned so far.


We are continuing to build in multiplication. We are focusing on 2 and 3 digit multiplication multipliers. We encourage the students to learn the multiplication chart. Students will take the practice test tomorrow in class and we will correct together so that they can use it as a study guide. Students will take the Chapter 3 Test Friday.

Social Studies

Students will study the geography, culture and government of the American Indians of the Great Plains. Newspaper crossword and think and review are due tomorrow. Test is also tomorrow.


In Science, students will be able to identify characteristics of asteroids, meteoroids, dwarf planets, and comets. They will also be able to describe the two motions of Earth, identifying the cause of day and night.


Schedule Reminders

Thank you to all the parents who helped at our 5th grade booths this weekend at the carnival. What a great time everyone seemed to be having.

Remember to check out the the Fall Book Fair in the Social Hall this week while you are on campus for conferences. .

Thank you to all the parents that have attended parent teacher conferences so far. Please continue to make sure you are on time for your scheduled slot since we only have 15 minutes per conference.

Calendar Reminders

Thursday, September 27th- 5T Hot Lunch

Tuesday, October 2nd- Minimum Day

Wednesday, October 3rd- 5A Rosary

Thursday, October 4th- 5T Rosary

Friday, October 5th- 5A Mass

Monday, October 12th- No School

Friday, October 26th- 5T Mass

After School Sports Reminders

We are reminding students that siblings are not allowed out to after school sports activities without parent or adult supervision. If any student is in after school Campus Care, they may not "hang out" at practices or games without a Campus Care staff member taking them there. Thank you for helping to remind students of where they are to be after school.