If Only It had Happend

How could one event greatly change the world?

The Paris Commune

Today we see Paris, and France in general as a peaceful place that every one has on their travel bucket list as country they want to visit. However, this republic was not always under control. In fact, during the wake of the Franco-German war, following the defeat of Emperor Napoleon III, there was an insurrection in Paris. Paris had been over taken and a socialist/communist group called the Commune came to power because the Commune wanted to prevent the restoration of the monarchy. However, the Commune only lasted so long. They were not able to organize themselves and after a few months, in May the Versailles government was able to attack a weak area and destroy the Commune government. This rebellion however if successful would have made Paris the first communist state in the world, luckily it was not. Subsequently, rebellions like this are so powerful because a group of people come together with a a similar idea and they spread their idea until they gain more and more followers and eventually all the people that agree come together to make their ideas a reality. For example, in this situation, the Communards (members of the Commune government) did not want to go back to a monarchy type government so they decided to create their own type of government, a government that they wanted. Then they gathered all the people that shared similar ideas as them or people who also didn't want the monarchy to be reinstated and they rebelled to get their way.