Safe Haven

Brooke MacDonald

Main Characters

Katie: As life has handed her challenges Katie is a young honest woman who is repeatedly giving love. With a past that was abusive and a coming from little money, she is determined to better her life in search for safety. Katie is strong, compassionate and as the book preogressess she forms into a woman who is no longer scared but willingly accepting of new love and trust people can offer.

Alex: With two kids and a wife who has passed, Alex is a strong, fun-loving and a confident man. Always willing to lend a helping hand he is passionate about being the best single dad he can be. With his natural instincts to protect people, Katie makes for a great attraction towards Alex. He always searches for the best in someone and loves doing the simple things in life, for those moments mean the most to him.


Katie, a young woman, is running away from a horrifying past that could or could not be following her but the unknown keeps her from staying in a place for a long amount of time. Finally when finding her "safe haven", the past is brought up with her and draws the book to a point of the end or the pasts`s end.


When arriving in Southport Katie had finally thought she found the place she could be safe in. With an abusive husband potientally looking for her, she needed somewhere that was off the grid, a small town where she knew no one and they didn`t know her. Katie found that in Southport. For a while work, fixing up her cottage and keeping safe were the only things important to her. Everything changed for her when she met Alex, a local convienent store owner. As they spent more time together, they fell even more and more in love. Finally Katie would have the life that she deserved, but one day when her past followed her she had to come to a decision between love or safety.


“I’ve come to believe that in everyone’s life, there’s one undeniable moment of change, a set of circumstances that suddenly alters everything.”

The importance of this passage is that life can change for the better, that settling for anything less than you deserve will cause unhappiness. There will be a point in everyones life where they feel complete happiness and know that the circumstances that happiness can lead to.


This book may be enjoyed by all men and women. Although it is mainly about love, there are parts where there is intense, dramatic, and action scenes that build a barrier between life and death. This variable may have a pull to attract more of the men audience as well as love attracts the women.

Personal Opinion

My experience with this book was a very acceptional. I liked the lust between Katie and Alex and how when the time came, Alex had to protect her. Also the fact that Alex stayed by Katie`s side even though he knew her past and what the situation could potientally turn into. I would rate this book a 8 on a scale of one to ten.

About the Author

Nicholas Sparks is an excellent author who also has written many world-famous book including, The Notebook, The Last Song, Gaurdian ect. He lives in North Carolina with his family and is ranked nationally for his work.