Barcelona, Spain

----- --=====Jennifer Sanchez=====-- -----

Just some basic facts

My dream vacation is Barcelona, Barcelona is located in Spain. I go for Barcelona in soccer, so I really like it. I want to go to Barcelona because my favorite soccer player lives there. My destination is so great because there are so many beautiful sites in Barcelona.

Interesting Facts

  • The Sagrada Familia took longer to build than the Great Pyramids.
  • The FC Barcelona Museum is the most visited museum in Barcelona.
  • Has 12 haunted, abandoned metro stations.
  • The unique design of Barcelona's taxis was standardized in 1934.
  • Barcelona's harbour is the most important in the Mediterranean sea.


It will take at least 13 hours to get to Barcelona by plane. Barcelona is 5,220 miles away from Willis. I would really like to go to Barcelona alone. I will take a plane to Barcelona. I am planning to go to Barcelona for two weeks.


I will stay in the hotel of W Barcelona. It is located in front of Barceloneta's famous beachfront. I will need to pack a week worth of clothing. Just one week worth of clothing because I will go shopping there.


The cost for the whole trip is $2,220. Just for the hotel is 1,848 dollars since I will be staying for two weeks with room service. For shopping I will bring a few hundred dollars. In the hotel I will have room service so it the food is counting in that. I will walk since there streets are very calm. I won't need gas.


When I go to Barcelona I want to visit la Sagrada Familia. I would also like to visit the FC Barcelona Museum. I would also love to go to to one of the haunted metro stations. There is many other things to do in Barcelona like surfing.