March Newsletter

Team Schick - Purses - Parties - Possibilities


March was a good month. As a company, over 80% of the consultants had a party. This is actually amazing!! As a team, we added two new team members - welcome Kirsten and Jen N! The flash sale was a fun boost for business, and people really liked the 50% off totes. As we move to April, take some time to reflect on your March - was it where you wanted? what changes can you make? is there an area you'd like to talk about? Direct sales can be amazing, but it does take some personal discipline and focus. I KNOW you are all capable of succeeding!

TOP in Personal Volume

  1. Jessie - $1502
  2. Jennifer N - $1424
  3. Jena R - $993
  4. Jen N - $814
  5. Kirsten - $692
  6. Rachelle - $646

Congratulations Ladies on a Job, Well Done!

Catalog Changeover

  • The SPRING catalog will end on April 30th. Please continue to watch the discontinued list on TOT. Once an item is sold out, it will no longer be available for purchase.
  • You can submit orders for the SUMMER catalog on May 1st. Be sure to go into your back office and order your summer business supplies (catalogs, hostess flyers, etc). This can be done now.
  • The Summer ADD-ON kit includes 3 new summer products. The cost is $31 and can only be purchased through 4/15. You also order that in your back office (order tab - left side - summer addon kit)
  • READY SET SELL is your chance to earn more summer products, for FREE! This also ends on 4/15. Submit a minimum o f $300 PV to earn FREE summer catalogs and 3 new amazing products!

Note: The photo above is something I plan to post on my customer FB page. This is not for consultants.

Personal Stats

I had $2441 in personal volume, entered 4 parties and had 1 new recruit and $11327 in team sales.

As a consultant, my pay would be $610.25

As a Director, my pay is actually $950.06

I don't say this to impress you, but to impress upon you that choosing leadership definitely has it's reward! If you are interested in building your team, let's chat!