Elizabeth 1st

All that matters is me

Date of birth- September 7, 1533

place of birth- United Kingdom

government style- Monarchy

3 Major accomplishments of your leader-

1. Queen Elizabeth first, was rewarded with the best reputation of the greatest monarch for treason.

2.Becoming queen- becoming queen had been made illegitimate by her father Henry Vill, when her mother was executed for treason.

3.helping the poor-her poor laws gave support to those in poverty

2 reasons your leader is the best for that form of government

1. best known for most admired English monarch and Elizabeth ability as a women to Exercise power in a mans world that learned her respect of today's viewers

2. she was a very good leader because she knew how to bring in good consequence the people who do wrong things. the countries economy improved during her reign. Elizabeth was a little kind.