Supported Study

Time to get it DONE!

Welcome to your opportunity for SUCCESS!

Congratulations! You are fortunate enough to have the advantage of a class designed specifically to meet your needs as a student. In this class you will be expected to work every day, all period long. Don't worry! There is plenty of work to do....

In Supported Study we work on.....

Homework, reading, studying for tests, projects, research, proficiencies, senior project, transition assessments, prepping for student led IEP, planning the future, etc.....

Make sure to come prepared to WORK!!!


Taking Care of Business!!

  • Working during SS is NOT OPTIONAL.
  • This is not a free period!
  • If you do not have work to do, we will assign work to you.
  • This class is a privilege. Use it to your advantage.
  • Do not say that you will just work at home. You must work while you are here!
  • In the end, you will feel awesome about having your work done and enjoying free time at home.
  • TCB in a flash!

RULES for Supported Study

  • Be on time
  • Come with all needed materials
  • Come with a plan to work on something specific
  • Treat yourself, your classmates and your teachers with respect
  • Respect property, space, supplies, equipment, atmosphere
  • Respect the time you have to work and the support available from your teachers and each other
  • You may bring water to drink, but no food or other beverages
  • NEVER EVER EVER Sunflower seeds
  • PLEASE STAY OUT OF THE OFFICE - unless you are specially invited by staff


  • credit/ no credit class
  • daily points for work attendance/ on time, work completion and following rules above
  • need 78% or better to earn credit
  • elective credit