BILC Newsletter

December 2015

Learning Goals: Before & After School Programs

The month of November was spent researching and role playing the relationship between the Native Americans and Pilgrims. Discussions about life on the Mayflower were held and everyone also enjoyed our traditional present day celebrations.

The theme for December is Celebrating Traditions. This is a global perspective on holidays and celebrations with days focused on different continents and specific events held there. For example, Mrs. Fronk taught about the Crossing of the Cattle celebration held in Mali, Africa each December.

The children are also working on an art project to gift to their parents or someone else special in their life. As we are spending a lot of time on these, this December theme is likely to spill over into January.

We are looking for extra large teddy bears and snow shoes to borrow for our 3 Snow Bears activity over break and throughout January.

Community Highlight

Mike Weber (KM teacher with 2 sons) and Scott Curty (local dad with 2 sons Jack and Gavin) submitted an ad they created for Doritos into a national Superbowl contest. Even though they are not one of the finalists, these dads in our community have created an awesome advertisement. It was created locally and sounds like they had a great time working on it. The ad also features a KM Senior as the store clerk. Check it out at this link: Sold Out - Doritos Ad. Another version they made can be seen here.
Please make an effort to settle out any outstanding invoices before the end of the calendar year. One more invoice will be going out early next week and due Friday, December 18th. It covers the week of the 21st, winter break, and the first week of January. Please contact the office if you are unsure of any outstanding balances. Thank you!
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Happy New Year & Summer 2016

We know many families begin thinking about summer programming soon after the new year rings in. Don't worry, we are too! Please know we are working hard to expand our summer program to include all our current families and many new families. Registration information will be available in March as in the past years. Unlike last year, there will not be an early bird deposit option in January. A preview of our new location, general summer info, and a chance to ask questions will be offered at a family event in early February. Look below for a chance to ask questions now or provide suggestions as we continue preparing.