Mt. Rushmore national monument

By: Meaghan c. Stager


Mt Rushmore began construction on October 4th, 1927, during the Great Depression. It took about 14 years to build and became a national monument. The majority of the carving was done through dinamite and another large chunk of it was done with jackhammers


My Rushmore has a long and snowy winter lasting from November to April at most. They have mild summers and a late rainy season. They get lots of winter snow.


One of the major events at my Rushmore is Independence Day. In fact, since it is so big, it is celebrated on both the 3rd and the 4th! They have events such as reenactments, hoop dancing, native stories, Air Force stuff, and an evening lights ceremony

Indian influence

Mount Rushmore was a sturugle to create because it was built on the black hills, sacred land to the Lakota Siuox. Because of the American faces carved into this hill it has raised some negative symolysum with native Americans.