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July 21, 2014

Gaining Ground in the Middle School

Nashville, July 15, 2014 — About 5,500 teachers, principals and other K-12 educators from states across the nation gathered in Nashville this week at conferences hosted by the Southern Regional Education Board to help students graduate from high school ready for college and career. Mr. Toth, Ms. Brewer, and Ms. Shuey attended the conference in hopes to gain more insight on STRIVE (advisory meetings), best teaching practices, how to engage parents and much more!

Excellent Leader Modeling Success

Weekly 5 - Common Assessments

For many teachers, formative assessment has traditionally consisted of quick checks for understanding, Friday quizzes, or exit slips as students head out the door. The process for the Weekly 5 will not change this practice. Teachers will meet together weekly to develop common assessments of 5 questions from schoolnet. This quick assessment will allow teachers to collaborate on comparable data. Data will be discussed weekly during Data Team meetings.

Powerful, proven structures for improved results are at hand. “It starts when a group of teachers meet regularly as a team to identify essential and valued student learning, develop common formative assessments, analyze current levels of achievement, set achievement goals, and then share and create lessons and strategies to improve upon those levels.” (Schmoker, 2004b, p. 48).

STRIVE- Community Service Learning

Community service is the ultimate way to tie together Rocket Leaders and character education. All students will have the opportunity to participate in community service to make connections between their classes and real life. The students will use what they learn and what needs to be done in ways they love. Community Service Learning (CSL) is an educational process, which enhances the quality of life within the school and the community. Community Service Learning combines instruction, 21st Century Skills, and voluntary participation in supporting activities or obtaining contributions to others. Students will have the opportunity to particpate in (CSL) every Monday during STRIVE time.

What type of activities MEET Community Service Learning

-Participating in service projects as a member of a service club or community organization.

-Volunteering one’s services at a local hospital, nursing home, etc.

- Volunteering one’s services to individuals, i.e., senior citizens or the disabled.

-Hosting outside groups for school festivals.

-PTSA and Booster project

-Volunteering as a coach or instructor for non- profit organizations such

-Volunteering for the Board of Elections or political campaigns.

-ALL tutoring (not paid); including tutoring done before or after school, during lunch or IE time.

Service Learning Project at Northwest Middle School

Is your classroom COLLEGE READY???

Do your student’s days dream? I hate to remind you, but you will not have students’ attention 100% of the time. Don’t fight that current – give them something to think about. In the same token, you should accommodate the students’ wandering eyes. Consider ways in which you can get your classroom college and career ready. Recently, Ms. Beal and Ms. Brown emailed Universities for FREE stuff. They have gotten college pennants, spirit towels, student interest letters, banner, and much more.

Don’t forget that YOU have something very valuable to show. How many of you walk into a doctor’s office and they have their degrees hanging on the wall? Show the world that we are nothing short of professionals. Don’t forget to post all of those awards and certificates you have gotten along the way.

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