Participating Teacher Instructions

  1. Fill out information request form below or email the DEAL Executive Administrator to obtain available dates/locations
  2. Register and pay for DEAL on the TDEA website (registration available between October - January each year)
  3. Obtain payment and transportation with your district or school
  4. Customize the Parent Letter & Student Letter to your needs
  5. Review all of the materials in the links below to prepare you and your students and practice for the Assessment
  6. Use the Participating Teacher Checklist to help you prepare for your DEAL Assessment
  7. Chose 12-20 students to participate and prepare them in 2 rows
  8. (Optional) bring flash drive to take home feedback immediately following the Assessment
  9. Communicate any needs regarding schedule or other items to your Coordinator or the DEAL Executive Administrator
  10. If you are also hosting the Assessment, please see additional information and facility needs and requirements for the day: Click here
  11. Be familiar with the timing for sections 1 & 2 for Middle School: 15 minutes High School and 20 minutes for Middle School.
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DEAL Principles Google Folder

All needed information can be found in this folder.

DEAL Composition (PILOT)

Explanation of the DEAL Composition Pilot Assessment

DEAL Composition Resource Info

dance elements & choreographic devices

I am interested in more information regarding DEAL

If you do not receive a response within 2 days, please email

Post-Assessment Feedback Survey

Please complete after your DEAL Assessment to help our program grow and improve.