News from Ms. Lytle's ALERT

2nd and 3rd Grade Classes at Bookman Rd. Elementary

What's Happening in ALERT

Important Dates:

Tuesday Feb. 2nd - ALERT Open House at Sandlapper Elementary Media Center 6:30

Friday March 11th- Einstein's Birthday Party at the SC State Museum 7:00

Third Graders have been wrapping up our Forensics Science unit by learning about where the evidence goes after the Forensic Scientists analyze it - The Trial Court. Students have been researching the various roles in the courtroom, from judge to jury, and teaching their classmates the importance of each role.

Second Graders have been learning about all the components of the ALERT classroom. They are working on Critical Thinking (Boundary Breaker) Creativity (Spontaneous Problem), Habits of Mind, Questioning (Mystery Box) and a variety of Brain Stretchers like Matrix Logic Puzzles, Plexor Puzzles and, Analogies. 2nd Graders are also working on the M3 Math Curriculum which is "Digging in to Data."

ALL Students are beginning our Environmental Detectives Unit. We will be using problem solving, math and science to solve an environmental mystery. More details coming soon!

Habits of Mind

In January and February, we will explore several Habits of Mind "Persisting", "Listening with Understanding and Empathy", "Thinking Flexibly" and "Thinking Interdependently." To begin the new year, we focused on "Persisting" and effort. Have a discussion with your child about Persistence - share examples of when you need to persist, and when you notice their persistence or lack of it. Each week in class, we watch a video, read a book, and do an activity that highlights the Habit of the Week.

M3 Math - Digging For Data

ALERT students are exploring data collection and graphing. We began with recording responses to a question each week on a line plot. The statistical terms minimum, maximum, range, median, are being used to describe the data. . Each week we answer a survey question and analyze the results of the class survey. We have completed surveys about the number of out of town trips students took over the holidays and the number of hours of video games students have watched. Third graders conducted an experiment on the heart rates of third graders before and after exercise.

Ms. Lytle's Contact Information

Please feel free to contact me with comments or questions. Since I serve three different schools, email is the best way to get in touch. I am Lake Carolina every Monday and Tuesday.