Poetry Project

By: Mya Addison

I wish

I wish i had Freedom

I wish i had my own Choices

I wish i had a voice

I wish i had courage

I wish i never came to harmony

I wish i had a say so in my life

I wish i had Freedom

i wish i had a magic wand

to make all my wishes

come true.

The City of dreams ( Ballad)

As i stroke the streets on the big city

"Momma where are we"

where in the city on dreams.

Left and right as people scatter

i sit a watch as i enjoy my flavored strawberry ice cream batter.

"Look at all the Lights" screamed Nahla

They dance on the building

Giving the city life

Only in the city of dreams

What a day, how fun

Lots of joy and more to come

By all means,I will return,

To the city of dreams.

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Wondering.. ( free verse)

I wake up in the night

wondering why i'm still here..

Close my eyes

Imagine myself in a paradise high in the sky.

Why am i the blue bird stuck in the cage?

Hiding the pain and rage

behind the smile not even you can fake.

Wondering why i'm still here...

Sitting in the dark

Longing for freedom...

Eyes shut closed, shedding a single tear

Wondering why am i still here...