You're starting middle school!

Now what?

Middle School can be an intimidating transition for students and parents. There are so many new faces, new expectations, and new unknowns. The good news will survive! I promise. I have survived it for the past eight years.

Welcome to Moses Middle School. I am Katie Davis, and I teach sixth grade language arts and social studies. I'm going to help you make the jump into sixth grade. This is a new and exciting time for you, so embrace this academic milestone and know that you are coming to an awesome school. We are The Titans, and we take pride in our rigorous learning opportunities, engaging student involvement, and our prestigous, academic reputation.

Yes, before you know it you will be cartwheeling into 7th grade celebrating your new role as a professional middle schooler. You will have had a fun and challenging year of change and academic growth. You will have new friends, new skills, and new memories to file in your life scrapbook.

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