By: Praise Tahahn

In the book,Wonder,there is this kid named August Pullman but he goes by Auggie. He doesn't describe what he looks like because he thinks that whatever we think is probably ten times better than what he is. He has been home schooled his whole life because of all his surgeries and he hasn't had time to go to school. This year is changing though. He has no more surgeries for a while so his mom wants him to go to a public school. His dad doesn't think it's a good idea neither did Auggie. He was scared of what the students would think about him. Auggie decided that he wanted to try and go to public school so his mom offically signed him up. On Auggie's tour before school started, he met Jack Will, Julian,and Charlotte. They were all being nice to him but Auggie could tell that they were just being nice and was probably threatened by the principal, Mr. Tushman. On his first day of school, so many people were whispering about him but he did make a friend at lunch! Her name was Summer and they started making a lunch group. For the rest of the year, he figured out who his real and fake friends were. He ended up getting an award at the end of the year for recognizing greatness. People were being more nice to him but he still wasn't being treated like a normal person. He's ok with that though because to him. He is an ordinary kid.
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