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Are you signed up for the EOC? If you are a public school student, please make sure you have signed up with your district to take the EOC. The state of Georgia will not recognize credit for this class unless you pass the EOC test. These tests are generally given in late April and early May.
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Spring Break April 3-7

Important Reminder:

Our Spring Break is the week of April 3rd- April 7th. GAVS does not observe breaks from local school systems that do not line up with these dates. If your Spring Break occurs during a different week, you should work ahead so that you can take the week off, or continue working as you normally would. Late penalties will apply if work is not completed due to a Spring Break conflict. Please enjoy the week off Apr 3-7!

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Class Chat

Take advantage of office hours on Mondays at 8:00 PM. If you can't attend the live session, please email me questions and then view the recording. You may also find historical recordings to be helpful. These can be found in the "links" widget in BrightSpace.
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Progress Reports

This week's progress report grade reflects all work turned in by 3/18/17 at 11:59 PM. Late work will not be reflected in the grade you see. Progress reports are issued every other week. If your child's grade drops below a 70, you will receive additional notification.

Light Week?

Time to get ahead. Staying just one day ahead can relieve a lot of stress, especially when "life happens". You will also have an extra day to ask questions before each due date.
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CS Students: CodeQuest is April 29th

Lockheed Martin's annual CodeQuest competition will be held on April 29th. Check out the website!

Quiz Feedback

Be sure to review all missed questions on every assessment. Make sure you know how to answer all quiz questions correctly before attempting the unit test.
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Check User Links for Help

Be sure to check out the user links widget in the Brightspace home page. This widget houses links to the weekly class chat recordings as well as additional help videos for certain assignments. If you are on a shortened session, check out the historical recordings for help on topics and assignments!
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Weekly Class Chat Link

Adobe classroom link

Recordings are available in the "user links" widget in the course.

Desmos Online Graphing Calculator

My favorite online graphing calculator can be found at This app is easy to use and very powerful. Be sure to check out some of the pre-made graphs such as
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Having Trouble Viewing Content?

If you are having trouble viewing GaVS content, downloading assignments, or accessing the full functionality of our web tools, check your browser. The preferred browser for GaVS is Mozilla Firefox. Visit this topic in the help desk if you need more information!

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