Earthquake Safety

Kevin Saefong

  • Before an earthquake find a few places you go to often in your home, school, or work place. Once you find that area find some stable furniture, such as a table, you can hide under. Afterwards store some medical supplies and water in that area in case of an emergency.
  • During an earthquake drop, take cover, and hold on. Drop to the ground. Take cover under a stable piece of furniture or beside a stable inner wall. Hold on to the furniture you are taking cover under. Do not attempt to run outside, you may be struck with debris on your way out.
  • After an earthquake if there is a clear way out get to open air and find help. If there is no clear way out sit calmly and do not attempt to get out and kick up dust. Wait calmly and tap on a pipe or use a whistle if you have one, so help can find you. Once help has arrived try to reach local radio for emergency instructions.