The Holocaust

Katie Chung Academic 2

Are you a Jew? There was once a mass killing of jews, this time period that was called the holocaust. This was caused by Adolf Hitler. The people who killed the jews, including Adolf Hitler, were called Nazis. During the Holocaust, many innocent lives were lost.

Adolf Hitler was in the German army during World War I, and blamed the jews for Germany losing the war. Soon after, during World War II he decided to try and kill all the Jews. People of Hitlers political party were called Nazis. The mass killing of Jews, otherwise known as the Holocaust, was the effect of Adolf Hitler. 1 Main stratedgy for this mass killing was using poisonous gas chambers that looked like showers. People who killed Jews and were part of Adolf Hitlers political party were known as Nazis. Many people of other religions, like Christans, hid Jews in their homes. All of this was because of Adolf Hitler.

The Holocaust was a devistating point in time, when hundreds of Jews were murdered. Adolf Hitler was a Nazi that tried to kill all the Jews, by sending them to concentration camps. People who worked for Hitler were called Nazis. Many people lost their lives and relatives. Many kids today around the world are learning about the Holocaust today, so this devistation will never happen again.