The Dangers of a Sweet treat

Evan P. Period 8

During Halloween you get loads of candy like toostie rolls, reeses, snickers, hersheys, kit kats, milky ways, and many other delicous treats, but they are bad for you and your body. It tastes good now but in time too much can do harm. Sugar is dangerous.

First, the most common sugar is sucrose it's made of fructose and glucose, which fruits and vegetables naturally contain. Other sugars used in foods have invert, corn syrup, high fructose, honey, lactose, and many other syrups. Sugars are also carbohydrates, which serve as the main source of energy for the body.

Second, all sugar is bad no mater if it is splenda or cakes. They both have the same effects. Splenda is an artificial sugar which is worse than other sugars. Cake can contain natural or artificial sugar depending on the chef.

Next, your body produces insulin, which is produced faster when you have a high blood sugar. Insulin is good for you, but when too much is being produced you have higher risks of cancer, obesity, heart attacks, and strokes. Insulin creates sugar coated proteins that become stiff inflexible and disfunctional. Which leads to mass amounts of tissue damage. You can also get diabetes from sugar.

Blood sugar spikes, especially after meals, do harms to your body as well. Starch also is bad because in the digestive system it is turned to sugar If not burned off.

Sugar is hazardous. In the future I'm not going to eat as much sugar as I normally would seeing the long-term dangers.