Koltin Express

By Koltin Kocian

My First Hunting Season

Since the beginning of history, man has hunted animals for food to live and to utilized other parts for clothing and other essential reasons. In this modern world men still hunt animals for food but also for sport. During my first hunting season I shot a big buck. It is now shoulder mounted and it is proudly hanging on my wall. The day I shot this monster the ground was lit by moonlight and the dew on the grass soaked my shoes I sat down in the deer stand. Nearly half an hour later I saw four outlined shadows that i could not Identify what they were. So again we waited another half and I could clearly see that at least two of the four bucks are legal. I aimed my sights at the bigger buck got ready. I then took the safety off got set. BOOM. It was nearly fourteen inches wide and it had eight legal points.
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The Field Trip

Just a couple of weeks ago our whole high school went to Texas A&M.

1.It was a fun field trip. A Guide took us on a tour of the whole campus.

2.Then Guide also told us about the students traditions. They also told us about the school mascot Reveille and if it barks in class the whole class is dismissed.

3.Then we had a tour guide of the recreational center. The recreational center was currently under renovations and they were adding more courts and pools and many other things.They also had a huge rock wall, an indoor track, and a huge weight rooms.

Overall the field trip was so much fun and educational.

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Basketball is my favorite sport and I love it. This year I am on Junior Varsity. High school basketball is very different than Junior high basketball. One thing different is the intensity level. In Junior high Every thing is way more relaxed than high school basketball because in high school all the games are very important because there are playoffs. Another difference is that there are more mature players in high school because It can be seniors going against Freshmen.
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