By: Abran Herrera

Why did I choose this subject ?

I was very intrigued by this subject, the reason why is because it always happens to e on the daily day life.

Explanation of Deja Vu

Deja Vu is a weird experience you encounter when doing a certain task or seeing something, such as if i walk to school and the next day you walk to school and its really familiar.Well of course its going to be familiar because you already done it before.

Brain stuff

What is going on the brain while Deja vu is happening?

When these cooperating processes get out of control we can experience deja vu

What parts of the brain are being used?

the temporal lobe, and the temporal lobe

Other Theories

Deja vu is a feeling that you have experienced before even though you know you haven't.

deja vu expirements

a scientist George Wilson was trying some form of experiments, he was trying to see if would have reaction to the different tasks that he was making them do. "In all honesty" he said "the experiments were a complete failure" he said how it was difficult for the patients and him to release when they have experience deja vu.

intersting stuff

deja vu comes from stimulation of the Pineal Gland

more people are experiencing deja vu

kids that are young experience deja vu more than adults
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