Im Not Doggin Around ;)

By Maddie Houser

About me!

Hey there ladies, my name is Franky and im not your average Bull Mastiff. All the ladies say im quite muscular and i do say so myself. The ladies say i play a little it to rough but i think they over exaggerate. I think im pretty hot and so do the ladies. I spent over 5,000 dollars on mirrors because i melted all of mine by looking at them! :)

About you!

All eyes on you

Well i really want to fly into my future with my new girl friend, Literally! I like girls with wings. Nice beautiful long wings, with stunning bright colors! I can tell already shes going to be hot!! Im not only looking at her looks but, i want her to have a happy personality.

Franky Linguini Houser

Laddddiiiiiieeeeesss check out my jawline ;)