BOOK BY Lauren Tarshis

Plot outline

Exposition:Ma,Mr. and Mrs.Sudo,Earl,Aki,Finn,Mack,Danny

TE: MA is the mother of Danny she is a sweet mother who just care for here son. Mrs.Sudo is also a mother and her sons name is aki he love Danny so much.Finn was Dannys best friend but one day they were climing up a ladder and Finn fell he went to a hospital he was so hurt.Mack loves Dannys mom he got hurt when lots of japan air plane when to attack Pearl Harbor in 1941. Mr.sudo akis father was took to jail because the soldier think mr. sudo helped them attack the japan air planes. Earl was a bad/good boy he was a friend of Danny .Earl helped Mr.Sudo get home to his family.finely we get to Danny he is a good kid who just want to get back home to newyork he gose through some troble.

Rising Action:Danny is going to Pearl Harbor in 1941 he dose not want to because he dose not want to leave his best friend Finn especially when his friend is in a hospital. Dannys mom is very protective with her son. Aki is a very playful kid he want a puppy and helps danny in some problems. mack is a captin of the air fores he the captin he also loves dannys mom he get hurt during the attack of the japan.




Falling Action: