All About Me

By: David Ajiri

I Hate Apple Products

The iPhone 5 is a waste of money, the only difference between that and the iPhone 4s is that the iPhone 5 has a bigger screen. Also, the phone itself can cost up to almost $800 which is a complete waste of good money that many people these days do not have.

My Dream College

The college that I hope that I can get into one day is Harvard Law/Medical school. If I was accepted into that or any Ivy League College will make my family and I so proud. By getting into this school, would be able to become more interested in politics than I already am.

My Favorite Things

Xbox 360

I received my Xbox for Christmas on 2012. When they got it for me, I was really thankful for what they did for me. Some of the games they bought me was NBA 2K13 and AC3.


My culture and family come the African country, Nigeria. Nigeria is home to many of my family including my grandfather, the chief of my village. After my father and grandfather have passed, I will be the one to uphold my grandfather's legacy of his village and land.