Part 1

by, Garrett Ely

Physical Property

any property used to characterize matter and energy, and there interactions.

Example-color, density, electric charge, intensity

Chemical Property

Is a behavior or substance when it undergoes chemical change or reaction.

Example-heat or contribution, reactivity with water, electromagnetic force, ph

Physical Change

A change from one state (solid, liquid, or a gas) to another.

Examples- melt ice, breaking bottle, crumple paper, crush rock

Chemical Change

Any processed determined by the atomic molicure composition.

Example- dissolve salt, burning wood, digest food, mixing acid and base

Chemical Reaction

change in the molecule structure.

Example-change in color, bubbles, formation of crystals, evolution of heat


Is the outcome or effect of a cause.

Example- wood burning makes fire

Law of Conservation of Mass

In a chemical reaction the mass of the products equals mass of reactants.