Pre-K 4 News!



Welcome to February. This is the week of Catholic Schools and as we mentioned before, it is a free dress activity except for Thursday which is a Mass day. Additionally this is very busy month. We commemorate Groundhog’s day and will learn about Chinese New year; both good opportunities to learn about traditions and cultures. Also we will learn all about St. Valentine, friendship, and the fact that friendship is based not only on similarities but differences as well. Friends say I’m sorry, and forgive and forget. Finally, we will learn about President’s day, which is a fine opportunity to learn more about the history of the United States.


• Catholic Schools week will be from January 31st to February 6th.

• Progress Reports will go home on February 3rd. Teachers will be conferencing with parents on Feb. 12th. The conferences will be teacher requested or parent requested.

• No school on February 12th.

• Children will need to create their valentine mailbox for the valentines they will be receiving on Thursday, February 11th from their classmates and teachers. We will have our Valentine Day party on this day.

• Our Field trip to the Post Office will be on Friday, February 5th at 1:00 p.m.(tentative time) If you have not turned in the field trip form, please do it otherwise your child can not go with us to the Post Office. Kindly send the envelope with your address and stamp as well. Weather looks good for this Friday’ s trip to deliver our Valentines.

• Show and Tell: The numbers for this Friday will be from 11-19.

• Dress up day schedule for next week is as follows:

- Monday: pajama day

- Tuesday: sports day

- Wednesday: Flip-Flop day. Students are supposed to dress up like their teachers and teachers dress like the students.

- Thursday: Mass day full uniform for all students. Also it will be grandparents day.

- Friday: Color wars assembly. Pre-K 4: purple

Registration for the next school year begins February 1st-26th and will be open to everybody on February 29th. If you do not complete the online registration and pay your registration fee by February 26th, you run the risk of losing your spot to a new family that is registering starting Feb. 29th. Your present account needs to be in good standing in order to register for next year. Please talk to the main office if you have any questions.

Valentine Party donations will be greatly appreciated. Please e-mail the teachers if you would like to donate treats, food or drinks. We already have a Valentine mailbox finished by one student. Don’t leave it till last minute!

Valentine Grams sold by the School Store can be purchased for a dollar. Send a Valentine gram to a favorite friend in another grade if you like or to a classmate.

School store is open this WEDNESDAY!

Curriculum News: This week we continue with the themes of “Animal Shadows”/Las sombras de los animales” and “Transportation by air.”

Oral Language: We continue our exploration of different types of transportation. Reading-Aloud “Once Upon a Time in Dragon land/Había una vez en Dragonlandia.”

Science: “Let’s find Out” Mi weekly Reader. We will read “The shadows of the animals/Las sombras de los animales.”

Religion: We will finish our class of Jesus is the Good Shepherd, and Jesus helps us. In this lesson we will discuss how Jesus healed the sick and will relate this with how parents take care of children when they are sick.

Estrellita Phonics: Review all letter sounds to begin the lesson. The letter Ee is our focus. Children will learn new words that begin with this vowel sound.

We hope you have a wonderful week. If you have any questions, please let us know.


Sra. Raquel L., Sra. Farías and Sra. Laura P.