Jump & Glow

Only 26.99 you will jump as high as a kangaroo


This product is a cool way to be able to use something fun at any time to be able to pogo at night not to machine how cool it would be if you were glowing while jumping if any one has pogoed before they would know that pogoing is fun and if anyone has seen glowing items so why not mix to cool things even if you haven't pogoed before you should really try it is not really hard I hope to see you getting our product.(:

Jump n' Glow

The jump n' glow is a glow in the dark pogo stick that you choose the color of

different types of pogos


The products base ( metal) costs 8.13$ per piece as well as the glow ability comes from glow paint and that paint costs 2.64$ per 2g and we use 4g per item there is also handles this is a over all coat of 13.02$ that is not including paying worker in our factory's or the importing costs to import machinery or parts that is all the money and work that goes in to distribution of a single pogo stick.

buisness hours/contects

our business hours are from 8:30am-6:45pm from Monday to Friday on Saturdays we are open from 10:00am-4;30pm we are closed on Sundays sorry


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