Plate Boundaries

By: McCall Denny

Transform Boundary

-This is a place where two boundaries slip past each other

-This boundary is where earthquakes often occur

-The crust in a transform boundary is not created or destroyed

Convergent Boundary

-The place where to boundaries collide

-The one that is denser will go under the one that is less dense

-When two plates that carry oceanic crust collide they meet at a trench and one goes under another

-When continental and oceanic crust collide the continental will sink under the oceanic and subduction occurs

-When two continental crusts collide it will not cause subduction what will happen is they will squeeze together really tightly and a mountain range will form

Divergent Boundary

-The place where two plates move apart

-Most of these boundaries occur along a mid-ocean ridge where sea-floor spreading happens

-When it occurs on land it forms a rift valley