Paxton Faculty Newsletter

October 2016

At Paxton, we do everything with PRIDE, PASSION & PURPOSE.


Motivate students to strive for academic excellence through the intentionality of what our students see, hear, feel and experience on a daily basis.

Thought for the Month:

“One looks back with appreciation to the brilliant teachers, but with gratitude to those who touched our human feelings. The curriculum is so much necessary raw material, but warmth is the vital element for the growing plant and for the soul of the child.”
Carl Jung
Today Could Be the Day

Differentiated Accountability Updates

We are proudly educating 780 future leaders:
  • 12th - Class of 2017 – 52
  • 11th - Class of 2018 – 54
  • 10th - Class of 2019 – 53
  • 9th - Class of 2020 – 61
  • 8th - Class of 2021 – 63
  • 7th - Class of 2022 – 64
  • 6th – Class of 2023 – 83
  • 5th – Class of 2024 – 57
  • 4th – Class of 2025 – 52
  • 3rd – Class of 2026 – 64
  • 2nd – Class of 2027 – 54
  • 1st – Class of 2028 – 58
  • K – Class of 2029 - 45
  • PK– Class of 2030 – 20

Instructional Focus

Domain 1.0 - Planning & Preparation

1.1 Create long-range plans based on a review of state content standards, student needs, and district/school instructional priorities. 1.2 Define learning goals with objectives for the unit and daily plans. 1.3 Lesson plans demonstrate knowledge of the content, relationships between important concepts, instructional strategies, and organizes activities in an appropriate sequence. 1.4 Lesson plans are revised and/or differentiated based on student needs. 1.5 Plan and prepare lessons that require students to engage in rigorous activities and content aligned with state standards. 1.6 Uses data prior to planning instruction.

Domain 3.0 - Direct Instruction

3.1 Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of curriculum content.

3.2 The teacher develops learning goals with expected outcomes accompanied by scales, exemplars or rubrics that describe levels of performance relative to the learning goal and communicates high expectations for learning for all students.

3.3 Monitor learning activities, including the use of formative assessment, provide feedback, and adjust instruction to meet student needs.

3.4 Use a variety of instructional strategies and/or modifications/accommodations for all students.

3.5 Organize the class and use appropriate strategies to enhance critical and creative thinking or problem solving and complex tasks for all students.

3.6 Engage students in activities that link prior knowledge to new content, other subject areas, life experiences and/or careers for relevant learning experiences.

  • This month Mr. Jackson and I will continue to meet with you on Domain 1.0 - Lesson Planning and we will be conducting walk throughs focusing on Domain 3.0 - Direct Instruction. Feedback will be given through Baseline Edge and through Feedback Meetings.
Bloom's Taxonomy according to Andy Griffith

Legal Updates

Teacher Assistants:
Question: Is it legal for students to grade other students papers if they are teacher assistants?

The answer lies in the link below which is an overview of FERPA.

Positive Behavior Support – PBS Updates

Number of Referrals

August - 8
September - 22
October - 14

Let’s make sure we are using our Behavior Tracking Forms in the Student Planners. On the 5th Offense a Disciplinary Referral should be filled out and sent to the office along with the Student Planner.

Let's work together and take every opportunity or use each teachable moment to encourage positive behavior.

Professional Development Updates

  • Deliberate Practice is due October 31st. Please do NOT write DP goals using FSA results since they will not be released before the end of the school year.
  • October 20 & 21: PE, Math, & Critical Thinking PLCs
  • A PD Component will be written for all school-based professional development this year.
  • There will be a school visit this year for the district level to check PD notebooks.
  • All questions regarding college courses and certification exams that are to be used for certificate renewal need to be directed to Kaye Black.

Important Information

  • Substitutes: Please use only the CURRENT and APPROVED Substitute List if you choose to obtain your own substitutes.
  • Passwords: Please do NOT give out your passwords to anyone.
  • Make-Up Days: We do not have an answer yet as to whether we will have to make up days missed due to Tropical Storm/Hurricane Hermine.
  • Safety: A Walton County School District Emergency Quick Reference Guide will be placed in your boxes tomorrow. This replaces the PAEC flip chart we currently have.
  • Leave Forms: Please turn in leave forms and TDE forms in a timely manner, it’s imperative in getting our subs paid.
  • Absences: Any time you are going to be out, please contact Ms. Cain, Ms. Neale, or Mr. Jackson.
  • After School Activities: Anyone having any type of “after school” practices, activities, etc……to please notify the office and be sure to let us know what time they’ll end.
  • NWFSC Careerfest: October 27th
  • Trick or Trunk: October 28th @ 6:00 P.M.
  • School Improvement Meeting: November 1st @ 3:00 P.M.
  • Fall Festival: November 4th from 5:00-8:00 P.M.


PTO Meeting

Monday, Oct. 24th, 6pm

21893 U.S. 331

Paxton, FL

Please come and support our Parent Teacher Organization located in the Media Center.