Fun With Firsties

January 19, 2016

Curriculum Highlights

Language Arts-Superkids, Unit 7, continues this week. We will read the poem, "Today I Got A Gift." While reading this week, we will review sequencing skills. We will continue to practice decoding words with long vowels. We will also review how to form singular possessives. We will continue to practice reading and writing the memory words, as we get ready for a spelling test on Thursday.

Math-We will begin Topic 7 this week. Topic 7 focuses on counting and identifying number patterns up to 120. This topic helps prepare the children for our upcoming study of place value.

Religion-We will move along to Chapter 11, The Holy Spirit, in our Call to Faith book. Our lessons will help us to understand the concept of the Holy Spirit as a guide in our lives. We will also learn about six gifts that the Holy Spirit gives us.

Social Studies-Our Patriotic Play preparations are underway! Our lessons throughout the month will identify important American patriots and key American symbols.

Notes To The Fabulous Folks

  • Our Patriotic Play(American Symbols) practices are well underway! The children have been quite enthusiastic in learning the songs for the performance. Hopefully, you have all heard them singing a verse or two at home!
  • Each student will have a role in our production of American Symbols. The speaking parts will be sent home this week. Please be on the lookout for your cild's script in their homework folder. Now is the time to begin to help your child memorize their line(s).

Requesting Parent Volunteers: January is Mosaic Month at MJS and We Need You!

Mosaic Month is a beautiful celebration of the cultural diversity that exists in our community and we rely on our parent volunteers to help make it happen. The culminating event is the International Heritage Fair on Friday, January 29th. If you are interested in either creating a cultural table for the fair or in helping out behind the scenes, please contact Ms. Myvonwynn Hopton as soon as possible. Thank you!

Upcoming Dates

  • January is Mosaic Month
  • January 18-No School
  • January 29-Mosaic Month Heritage Fair


Monday-No homework!

Tuesday-Online Math homework

Wednesday-Superkids Activity 67 and 69

Thursday-Journal-This week we read about two gifts that Icky received. He got a pet fish and he got a fish kite. Would you rather have the pet fish or the fish kite? Write 2-3 sentences telling which gift you would like and why. Be sure to illustrate your writing!

Unit 7 Memory Words and Spelling Patterns

Memory Words

  1. oh
  2. any
  3. day
  4. good
  5. very
  6. want

Spelling Patterns


came, same, game


ride, side, wide


joke, broke, spoke


cute, flute

Fire Station Fun!