NC Weekly Announcements

3/14/16 - Happy St. Patrick's Day!

School Carnival Ticket Pre-Sale

Pre-purchase your carnival tickets after school on 3/15, 3/21 and 3/23! Be watching for a table out in front of the school. If you pre-purchase your tickets--either at the tables or by submitting the form here at school--you can choose from a variety of bundles (and save a little money!). (*You can still purchase tickets the day of the event, but you will need to wait in line along with everyone else.)

Don't forget to volunteer! We need food donations more than in previous years. Your contributions are what make our carnival extra fun. Use the following link to sign up:

SBAC Schedule

Many of you have been asking when your child will be SBAC testing. A hard copy of this schedule will be sent out later, but please feel free to refer to the following in the meantime.

Moberly, Norman, Trenner (3rd/4th) - 4/25-4/29 (Language Arts); 5/9-5/13 (Math)

Ayala, deBrucky (4th) - 4/18-4/22 (Language Arts); 5/16-5/20 (Math)

Amsbary, Rose (5th) - 5/2-5/6 (Language Arts); 5/17-5/18 (Science CST); 5/23-5/27 (Math)

Donaldson, Smith (6th) - 4/25-4/29 (Language Arts); 5/9-5/13 (Math)

Mai, Tarpley, Velez (GATE All Grades) - 4/18-4/22 (Language Arts); 5/17-5/18 (Science CST - 5th Grade Only); 5/2-5/6 (Math)

Important/Upcoming Dates

  • Tuesday, 3/15 - Service groups picture for yearbook (any students who are members of Boy/Girl Scouts, Indian Guides/Princesses, etc. may wear their uniform to school!)
  • Tuesday, 3/15 - End of 2nd Trimester - MINIMUM DAY Schedule
  • Wednesday, 3/16 - 5th/6th Grades Instrumental Music Showcase @ 6:00 (Canyon High)
  • Thursday, 3/17 - Happy St. Patrick's Day! Students may wear green top/uniform bottoms
  • Friday, 3/18 - Last day to submit pictures and memory boxes for the yearbook
  • Friday, 3/18 - Community STEM Night (Santiago Community College, 4:00-8:00 p.m.)
  • Monday, 3/21 - 5th Grade Ducks Challenge
  • Thursday, 3/24 - Cyberbullying & Internet Safety - Parent Info Event (7:00 p.m. in TLC)
  • Friday, 3/25 - 2nd Trimester Awards Assembly
  • Friday, 3/25 - CIRCUS, CIRCUS ~ SCHOOL CARNIVAL! *Take note that this date is a week later than the initial, 3/18 date on our annual calendar.
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Posting Student Pictures on Social Media

Some concerning social media sites have been brought to my attention lately, so there are a few etiquette "rules" that I'd like to make sure we all follow:

  • Please make sure your children who have access to technology/Internet are following guidelines you have provided them. Kids should NOT have free access to the web.
  • Ensure that your children are not posting things about other people, participating in trash talk, or are engaging in activities that might be hurtful or embarrassing to other students (like implying students are boyfriend/girlfriend, etc.)... they can get in trouble for this at school!
  • Please make sure that YOU--the parents--don't post things online of other students without their parents' explicit permission. Many of our parents have "do not photograph" restrictions on their children. Just make sure you are respectful of other parents' wishes.

We will just have to trudge through this new age of technology together! Our kids are so much better at it, and I at least struggle to keep up with them. Thanks for your support in doing what you can.

You are invited to a parent session on Cyberbullying and Internet Safety that might be enlightening on 3/24/16 at 7:00 p.m. in Nohl Canyon's TLC.