Shortened Version of Theme

Name and Class Period

Analysis the Development of Theme

Explain how the setting, characters, plot, or conflict influence each other to create the author's overall message or theme of the story. Describe how this theme is first introduced, explored, and developed throughout this interaction.

Summarize two key supporting details and at least one line from the text that support your analysis of the development of the theme. Include quotations and page numbers from the text.

To the right include a picture of the book.

Reflection and Application of Theme

Describe your reaction to this theme. Do you agree with it? Do you think the author developed the theme well? Why or why not? How is this theme relevant to your generation right now?

Visual Representations of the Theme

Put the Title of Your Text and Author Name

Write a Summary of the Text

Effectively summarize the text in an engaging paragraph. Touch on important aspects of the text that will encourage others to read the text.

Include a picture of the book cover or another related image so that readers will have an idea of what the book looks like.

Author Information- Extra Credit

List resources or references that could lead to more information about the book, author, publishing company, etc.