Andrew Jackson

The 7th President

Spoil System

Andrew Jackson when he became president he fired all of his workers and hired the people who helped him. The people who he hired were experienced. The people who were working for him got mad because they are experienced and have been working for him. The Spoils System was favored by the people who helped Jackson to win.

Trail of Tears

When the white men found land that the Cherokee's live on. The Cherokee's lived in Georgia and the US wanted Georgia, so they took it and sent the Cherokee's to a reservation in Oklahoma. The Cherokee's didn't like what they were doing so they sued them. That's how the Worcester(Indians) vs. Georgia. Supreme Court said that the Natives should be able to stay in their land not worrying about people taking the land and putting them on reservations. Even what the Supreme Court said Jackson didn't care and did it anyway. About 50 percent of the people on the Trail of Tears died :(.

Nullification Crisis

South Carolina didn't want to pay the tariffs they threatened to secede. The tariff got all imported things at a higher price than the US things. That got the people that owned factories to get more money than the Southerners. The Congress forced South Carolina to pay the tax, they did. The force bill gave Jackson the right to send a army to South Carolina. This problem was resolved by the 1833 Compromise.

Northerner (positive)

I get all of my money from the Southerners just because of the Nullification Crisis. Because of the tariffs in South Carolina I get the money because I own a factory. Southerners don't really like it because the tax on things from different countries they cannot buy things from different places. Since the Southerner has to buy supplies from me I get good money.

Cherokee (negative)

I don't think it is fair to just take land from people especially when you have already made life on it. Don't even get me started about the Trail of Tears it is just crazy how the white men can just take the land away from us and keep it for there own. When they take us away from the land and put us on reservations most of my people die. Jackson doesn't listen to anything we say to the Supreme Court. He basically just threw it aside and kept taking away land and putting Indians in reservations. Even though we made Worcester vs. Georgia it didn't help a bit.