Michael Jackson

His Pursuit for Happiness

Background on Michael

Known for being the "King of Pop," he grew up performing as the lead singer of his family's group, Jackson 5. He's one of the most international award-winning performers. Jackson's death in 2009 caused controversy and it was ruled a homicide.


As an artist, a dancer and a humanitarian, Jackson accomplished many things. Anyone who respected his work and through his music he reached out to others and a tried to heal the world. "Thriller" made him a well-known artist, the Moonwalk became his signature dance move, multiple awards and tons of record-breaking achievements.

Why was he unhappy?

His death was caused by acute proposal and benzodiazepine intoxication after he suffered cardiac arrest at his home in L.A. They concluded that his death was a homicide and his personal physician was convicted of involuntary murder and served two years in prison. He made the choice to overdose, but why? The question is still unanswered, but although autopsy showed a lung disease seen in smokers, but that wasn't the cause. Speculations says he was unhappy with the way people looked at him after he changed his appearance. He thought they didn't see him the same way as before.