Claudette Colvin

( 1939 - )

In the begging of her life.

Claudette Colvin was born on September 5, 1939 in Alabama. Claudette went to a segregated school she went to a black school only. Claudette grew up in Alabama she had to make some hard decisions in her life but fortunately she is still alive she is 75 years old right now. Claudette Colvin is notable because she was the one who led Rosa Parks to not get up from her seat for a white person. Even though Rosa Parks is getting all the credit for what Claudette Colvin did she still is on the top.

The role that she played in the bus boycott.

Claudette Colvin was one of the people in the bus boycott she did not get up from her seat when a white man wanted to sit down. She refused so the man told the bus driver and the bus driver told her told her to get up. She still said no so she got arrested one of her friends bailed her out of jail and then she became a protester. Claudette Colvin was a part of the bus boycott the role that she played was when she did not get up for a white man so she got arrested. Did you know that she was the first black women to get arrested of the bus that she was riding. When Claudette Colvin got arrested her decision.

Did you know

Did you now that the only reason why they did not put Claudette Colvin on the news papers and websites was because she was pregnant and they did not what to put Claudette Colvin through all that trouble because if they put Claudette Colvin news people would be coming to her door taking pictures and asking questions.

Hiding information

Claudette Colvin was hiding information from every one Claudette Colvin moved up north. She tried to keep it a secret from every one and she tried to not think about what happend in Montgomery,Alabama she was a single mother of two and she had a lot on her plate so she tried her best not to think about anything else but her kids a few monthes later they regonize days after she moved up north.