About Me

Sarah Bell

I live with my stepdad, mom, two sisters, and our dog.

I have two other sisters who live with my dad and stepmom.

We have two more dogs there.

I want to be a psychologist. I don't do any extra activities.

Sometimes I help my mom with her daycare.

Over winter break, I mostly slept and watched Netflix.

I watched a lot of episodes of Friends.

I went to the movies once and went ice skating.

Christmas Eve, we had my mom's family over and had dinner and exchanged gifts.

On Christmas Day, we opened presents with my mom,

then went to my dad's and opened presents and ate.

Later in the night, we went to my aunts for dinner and more presents.

This year my family went to Colorado for my mom's birthday.

We've also gone to South Dakota and we want to go to Florida.

Ice Skating