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December 1, 2014

News & Updates


We hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving break!

Please take a look at this week's 6th grade newsletter. Read on for 6th grade news, information about upcoming assessments, school news, and a few fun photos highlighting your child's time at school!

Gators Give Back

This week we are kicking off our third-annual Gators Give Back campaign. This is an exciting time during the school year when we all remember how important it is to give back to our community. Last week, an informational flyer went home with students. Please take a look at the flyer below for more information.

Click here to view the flyer!

Upcoming Assessments

Check Schoology for more details. Email your student's teacher with specific questions.

ELA (Grade Level):

  • Greek Roots Notebook check 12/1
  • Greek Roots Test 12/3

ELA (Acc):

  • Accel Final Vignettes due (2 Summatives) 12/3

    Greek Roots notebook due (formative) 12/10

Math (Grade Level): Chapter 5 Part 2 Retake 12/5

Math (Acc): Quiz (Lessons 2.1-2.3) 12/5

Science: Science will have an assessment on characteristics of animals, dichotomous keys, invertebrates and vertebrates on December 5th. Check Schoology for study materials.

Social Studies: None

World Language Novice A French/Spanish: None

World Language 6th French Immersion: None

World Language Novice A Latin: Begin presentation of Roman Family Projects (Summative) on Friday 12/5

World Language Novice B2: None

World Language Novice B3: None

World Language Novice C2: None

6th Grade Expedition: Me to We

Social Studies Case Study

6th graders proudly showcased their hard work at last week's Celebration of Lea rning. We were so impressed by the hard work students put forth to create their PSAs about Ebola. During the film festival, students viewed the top 9 (voted on by classmates) PSAs. These 9 videos were judged by a panel of guest judges. Three groups' PSAs were selected to go on to be filmed again with the guidance of the media arts teacher, Ms. Esposito, and her students at River Bluff High School. These newly produced PSAs will be showcased on the Lexington County website. More details to come once they make their debut!

A special thank you to Mrs. Palen, Coach Burnett, and Coach Miles for your guidance in this expedition case study. Also, thank you to Mrs. Dent and Ms. Kohout who provided so much help to students.

Great job gators!

Thank you for sharing your children with us each day!