News from 3rd Grade

Newsletter #5

News from the Classroom

This past week the students were busy learning about measurement. Rudolf Steiner wanted everything the students learn, to relate back to the human being. Measurement is an easy way to follow these indications. I began this new learning of measurement through a story about two lands that would always come together at harvest time, and end up arguing about fairness. It became clear in this story that there was no standard way to measure, and therefore some people had bigger houses, more wool, and less apples. I told them about King Henry VIII and how he declared that his foot would be the standard way to measure. However, there needed to be a smaller increment of measurement, and therefore he decided that 1/12th of his foot would be called uncia meaning "one-twelfth part". After time this word changed to inch and that is now what we use to measure smaller increments of measurement. I also introduced the measurement of hands (your palm side to side) , fathoms (fingertip to fingertip with arms outstretched , and cubits (from middle fingertip to elbow).

After introducing this story, I had the students measure using their body. We soon found out that there were different sizes of feet in our classroom! I provided large sheets of butcher paper, and each student traced another student so that they could figure out how tall and wide they were. They have been using their thumbs, feet, hands and arms to understand measurement. I will soon introduce a ruler, and we will see if anybody in the class has the "King's" measurement of an inch or foot, on their body.

It has been such fun watching the children learn in a "hands-on" way (pun intended)!

A sweet story to share

Last week while I was working with the Craft Group, we had a conversation about "Aha Moments". The students were asking lots of questions, and soon the conversation turned to their own "Aha Moments". One student shared that they were having an "Aha Moment" right then! Another was saying that they had enjoyed those times when they had "Aha Moments" and that their time was when I taught them the "New" way of math subtraction. But then, a melancholic child shared sadly, that they had never had an "Aha Moment". The other students were so sweet, and kindly offered him hope that soon he would, and not to worry. It was such a special moment and it made me laugh and smile. I have many moments like this story, and that is what fills me, and continually reminds me how lucky I am to be the teacher to this crazy, wonderful, rascally class! I love them so much!

Sukkah Building

On Monday September 28th, we will build a Sukkah to begin the celebration of Sukkot. Each day our class will eat snack and lunch in the Sukkah.

Please remember to bring in any clippings or materials that you have agreed to donate, for our Sukkah. We will begin building at 9am, so by that time, all materials should be in and under the brown tarp next to the woodworking area.

I was not able to get to the garden this weekend to fetch the sunflower stalks. If anybody has a free moment in the morning and could grab them for me, I would be appreciative! I can give you the key in the morning.

Apple Pressing on Tuesday 9/29

It is time for us to press all of those apples that we harvested. On Tuesday September 29th, we will be walking up to the Luther Burbank Gardens to press our apples into cider. Please pack a full water bottle and a sun hat. I am estimating that we will be working till about 1pm. Strings and reading are canceled on Tuesday because of our field trip.

Please sign up to bring a mason jar with a lid & cream

On Friday, 3rd grade will be baking and making bread and butter for the Festival of Courage. Please sign up to bring in heavy whipping cream and a mason jar with a lid. The sign up sheet in on the bulletin board by the office.

All jars and cream will come in on Friday morning.

Please label your jars, so they can be returned!

Festival of Courage

Friday, Oct. 2nd, 12-12:45pm

Ives Park, Sebastopol, CA, United States

Sebastopol, CA

Come and share in our Festival of Courage. This is a chance for us to come together as a community and share in the changing of the seasons. The 3rd grade students will be in the play, so please check your calendar and plan on joining. There will be a community Picnic after the play. Pack your blankets, your lunch, and come celebrate The Festival of Courage.

Parent Evening

Monday, Oct. 5th, 7-9pm

3rd Grade Classroom

Remember to find your babysitters!