Kayapo tribe

By Luke Dyer


The Kayapo Tribe

The Kayapo are an indigenous tribe.The Kayapo tribe live alongside the xingu river in the eastern part of the Amazon rainforest (Brazil). In 2010 they had a population of 8638 people that were part of the tribe and since then the number has increased. They speak their own language called Kayapo ( as you may have guessed). They live in protected land, they own 11,346,326 million hectares of Neotropical forests and scrubland containing many endangered species.

Main Traditions

Kayapo Villages traditionally consist of a dozen huts one placed in the center of the village for the tribal men. It serves as a meeting place for them to discuss community issues. The name kayapo comes from the meaning "those who look like monkeys." This is thought to have originated because of some of the men's rituals involve them wearing monkey masks. The kayapo tribes also use the plants they find to help cure them of diseases and have a mass amount of different species and they know which ones cure which disease or atleast help treat it.

Why they are special

They are so special because they will get the wood they need using the slash and burn technique but will leave it in a state so that it can grow back and because of the perfect conditions in the rainforest it never takes long for the plants and vegetation to regrow. The kayapo tribe are the last proper tribe and doesn't use machinery and other type equipment and they live naturally with no help from the outside world but recently they have been asking for some help from high power people to stop the cutting down of the rainforest as just like animals it will also chase the kayapo tribe out of the rainforest

Oustide contact effects with traditions

Some traditions have changed such as believing in christianity. Since the kayapos found out about christianity some of them have decided they will convert from believing that when they die they will go to a village to believing in Jesus and God