Letter from Montag Assignment


"Citizens of 2016"

Our society right now is really moving with technology, every one is using lots of smart devices and lots of electronics. More things are being built and created than before. Back in the early 2000's more things were peaceful and there were less problems with the economy and advanced technology. Transportation has pretty much been the same except for the fact how peoples cars now can have things that a phone can do. Teenagers now are obsessed with their phones and use everything that's related to something new. People mostly if their bored would go on a device instead of talking to someone face to face or going outside. Things have a more dangerous way of being accessed to.

Right now if you don't do something differently their might be a chance your society will become like mine. There is no books, firemen burn them. People aren't socially interacted almost what so ever, Intelligence is not at a high standard to be required, evrything is set to be equal amongst everyone no matter what circumstance. If you really want to be saved you all have to do something different in some way to perfect your society.


Guy Montag.