3D Printing

Reid Arani

What is 3D printing?

3D printing a new innovative idea that is transforming the world today. By using the printer it will copy a 2D object and transform it to a 3D form of it's original shape. It is also known as "additive manufacturing" and has only improved the intelligence of technology.
7 Shocking 3D Printed Things

History Behind 3D printing

The first 3D printer that came about was invented by Charles Hull. In 1986 Charles Hull invented the revolutionary invention and offered it for sale at that time. Now, because of Hull the 3D printer has grown more popular now being found in homes for everyday use and in other places to make everyone's life simpler. At first, the printers were mainly used for scientific and professional use but have now moved into homes.

How Does 3D printing work?

The 3D printing process uses materials including plastics, metal and ceramics. The printer completes its task by using the materials needed and change them for better use. For example, when using plastic some heat and liquefied plastic and becomes solid as it goes. The materials go on layer by layer which each layer is a very small fraction of the finished product. The printer keeps adding layers slowly until all components are there and the item is complete.
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What kind of items does it create?

  • kids drawings into real life animations
  • cars
  • buildings
  • blueprints
  • jewelry
  • almost any other item(complex or simple)
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The 3D Printing Revolution

Are there any restrictions on 3D printing?

Although there are no "rules" for 3D printing, there has been a problem with duplicating keys. For various reasons this is not allowed and has become a control issue. Although this is dangerous, if you are able to use a 3D printer duplicating keys is a possibility for you and is successful unlocking the door that matches. This shows that even the most intricate and complex items, are not hard for a 3D printer to make.

Q's and A's

Q: How long has 3d printing been around

A: In 1983, Charles (Chuck) Hull invented the first ever 3D printer.

Q: Why is 3D printing useful at military bases?

A:In military bases, 3D printers have been used to duplicate the items needed for that specific time depending on what they need.

Q: Why is 3D printing useful to NASA?

A:NASA uses 3D printers for parts aboard the ships.

Q:What other limits have been put on 3D printing?

A: One of the most dangerous abilities in 3D printing is copying guns. Even if you had a license for your other gun, you may not be eligible for more and untrustworthy people could get a hold of a gun and copy it easily.

Q:What are some other materials used by a 3D printer?

A: Other than plastic, metal, and ceramics, some printers have used a powder like substance.

Q: How expensive are 3D printers?

A: 3D printers can range of a price from 50,000 dollars to 1 million