1. Describe the animal

A turtle is a four legged,smooth skinned or scaly animal whose body is protected by a study round shell. Turtles can pull their body in their shell when threatened. Few other vertebrates (backboned animals) have such a hard natural armour. Turtle s are cold blooded animals which means their body temperature stays the same. About three- hundred species of turtles exist.

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2. How is born? How does the mother care for it's young?

A turtle is born by a female sea turtle creeps onto the beach to lay her eggs, usually at night. She digs a breeding ground in the sand with her hind flippers. There, she lays from about fifty to one - hundred rough white eggs, covers the hole with sand, and then retreats back to the sea.

Newly hatched turtles must sneer their way to the surface of the ground, obtain food, and protect themselves, all without aid. Different animals prey on turtle eggs and baby turtles. Predators flock to beaches to eat newly hatched sea turtles as they worm toward the water. Fish attack some of them as they enter the sea. Skunks, raccoon's, and snakes dig up the nests of freshwater and land turtles and eat the eggs.

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3. How does it get its food? What does it eat?

Turtles eat seaweed and algae, but they also eat sea creatures like jellyfish, comb jellies, crayfish, and crabs. Turtle get their food by hunting their prey. Turtles swim around and hunt their food. They eat many things.

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4. Where does it live, and what are some of its habits?

Turtles live all around the world’s oceans, sometimes traveling thousands of miles through the sea.Turtles will live in almost any warm climate enough to allow them to complete their breeding cycle. Turtles live on every continent except Antarctica. Turtles lives in water however all turtles live in a shell, whether they spend most of their time on land or in the water.

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5. Who are it’s enemies, and how does it defend itself?

Turtles defend themselves by using their shells when they feel threatened they get under their shell and o their predator it just looks like a rock. Humans are the turtle’s number one predator. Many turtles are shot while relaxing, crushed by cars, sacrificed for research or beheaded after being hooked by fishermen. The animals that are enemies to the turtles are bigger fish and larger turtles. http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20090425112514AAU6Miu http://www.ask.com/question/how-do-sea-turtles-protect-themselves10/28/13