History of Weapons

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Why Use Weapons?

The reason why people use weapons is the same reason from all the prehistoric times that reason is survival.

The First

One of the first weapons to be used was a spear also a branch used as a club and one we are all familiar with a rock.A little later people learned to tie a arrow head to the spear also a bow and arrow from sharp sticks .Then people started to use flint for axes but flint was brittle and fragile so it broke easily.
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Bronze Age

The first metal used for weapons was copper.But it wasn't a great material but then people found iron it was a better material but not much.Eventually they found other materials then learned to mix metals people mixed two metals tin and copper which makes bronze.It was a very strong and sturdy and good for making swords and daggers.The richer upper class people with money put handles and little emeralds and sapphires.Then people developed armor like armor chest plates and chain mill.

Weapons Around the World

People all around the world have there special weapon.For example chines people are know for there ninja star and there special sword called a katana. The Greeks where known for there using full body armor and swords.Sumerians where known for fighting and using chariots.A few country's are known for special weapons they use or used to use.

Weapons of Today

Today weapons are more high tech and advanced like mini flying drones and bullets and fire arms.The government is also developing biological agents that are stronger and faster then an average man.Also people fight by using computers called cyber warfare usually to fight for information.The weapons of today are so much....its really hard to put in to words but you could say they evolved.
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