The Planets of our Solar System

by Todd Holland

There are 8 planets that orbit the sun in our solar system.

Earth is the 3rd planet from the sun. Or as this old song calls it, 3rd rock from the sun! Please check with your mom or dad to see if it's OK for you to listen to it!

Greg Terkanian

Third Rock From The Sun by Greg Terkanian
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Here is a list of the planets in order starting with the closest to the sun, and how long it takes for each to orbit the sun 1 time.

  1. Mercury 88 days (.2 years)
  2. Venus 225 days (.6 years)
  3. Earth 365 days ( 1 year )
  4. Mars 687 days (1.9 years)
  5. Jupiter 4,333 days (11.9 years)
  6. Saturn 10,756 days (29.5 years)
  7. Uranus 30,687 days (84 years)
  8. Neptune 60,190 days (164.8 years)
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