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Gestures other Information on Ecudorians

In Ecuador, there are many different gestures and sayings that mean many different things. Many gestures replace verbal phrases, such as "I'll be back" or "Sorry!". On the other hand, some gestures, along with titles, are just done to indicate good friends, or being rude to other people. Air kissing, or titling a person with Don or Doña followed by a persons first name, show signs of friendship, while pointing, whistling, yawning or yelling are very impolite.

Travel Locations in Ecuador

In Ecuador, there are many places you can visit. Some are well known, others are more unfamiliar, but they are all amazing places to go. Tena, Cotopaxi and the Galapagos Islands are all great places to go to see beautiful scenery. Other locations, such as Loja, Zaruma, Cochasqui, and Quinto are all places with many cultural locations. Whether you want a place with amazing culture and history, fun, or scenery, Ecuador is the perfect place to go!


Here are common sports in Ecuador and things that you can do on a daily basis.


Here are some holidays that people in Ecuador celebrate and some traditions they have.

Other Important Holidays

Labor Day, Battle of Pichincha, Inti Raymi, Quito Day, Christmas and Easter.


Ecuadorians have a varitey of foods. Here are a few.


Here are some typical souvenirs found in Ecuador.

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