Killer Whales


Killer Whales are not fish but mammals. They have blubber under their skin to keep them warm. Killer Whales or Orcas grow to be about 27-33 feet long, weighing more than 8,000-12,000 pounds. They use echolocation to communicate with other orcas.(National Geo)


Killer whales live all around the world near coastlines of all continents including Antarctica. They live in waters ranging from tropical to arctic. They are found in all of the seven oceans and most of the seas.(Enchanted)

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Since the Orcas don't have many natural enemies so they do not need ways to protect themselves. They have powerful tails to help them swim fast to catch the prey. Orcas usually live in small pods with around 6-40 orcas in a pod.(Science Center)

Interesting Info

  • it is among the fastest marine mammals
  • it can reach speeds up to 30mph
  • many orcas live with their moms their entire life
  • each pod has different sounds they make, this way whales can identify their pod from miles away
  • whales are the top predators
(Science Center)

Reasons for Endangerment

Orcas are endangered because of humans. Humans used to hunt them for pleasure. There was also an oil spill in the 1990's that might've contributed to the Orca's decline. They might have gotten tangled in fishing nets or struck by fishing vessels that causes them to die.(Wild)
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Critical Information

Governments are trying to save the Orcas. They made whaling illegal inside U.S waters. Many agencies also monitor the whales to keep track of them and record their population numbers. People also make sure that the whales don't starve to death by keeping their food supply consistent. Even though all this action is being taken, orca population continues to go down and the only way to prevent is to make sure the Endangered Animal Foundation (EAF) has enough donations. So please donate funds to the EAF to save the orcas.(Seaworld)
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